Time for a refresh!

We’ve going with Manchester 2nd Friday for around 18 months now and as such turnout has been variable to say the least; with greater acceptance and greater options to attend other events (which can only be good) the time is come to review what we’re doing and look at what we can do to encourage more girls to pay us a visit.

Whilst there are many factors likely to affect numbers, the most often mentioned is that some prefer or can only do Saturdays. Then there is also a factor that we clash with other events that take place else where around the country; some would like to come but feel they have loyalties to be else where.

Being the case of these initial factors, I’m making some consideration to move Manchester Minx night to perhaps be a Saturday – if democracy effectively indicates a preference, and to quite possibly move to an alternative weekend so as to avoid clashes with other events that may regularly take place.

A vote is currently open on our facebook group for those who do that; alternatively I have a forum post here asking what everyones preference might be for ‘Friday or Saturday?’.


2 thoughts on “Time for a refresh!

  • September 1, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Well you dont have many options to be honest as we have discussed in the past. Saturday nights in Manchester could be expensive especially the hotels, as there is always a lot of ‘other’ events going on in the city. Friday is still the best option but choosing another one is limited too. First Friday is out straight away. Third and Fourth Friday’s are possibilities but you start coming into the lack of money factor for a good majority of people (paid monthly), so no money, not going out and of they do, likely to be somewhere closer to home!

    I doubt by changing the night you get more girls from the south (of Birmingham) as they still will go to the ‘local’ options as such.

    The best option is advertised it better and keep advertising the event for second friday of the month, as still a few who dont know about it and may be ‘open’ up the website especially re ‘info’ pages etc as they dont need to be hidden.

  • November 25, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    From January 2019 we move to the ‘Last Friday of the Month’.

    This has been decided upon following some consideration and discussion with members largely via facebook. This was made in order to avoid a clash with other events that take place on 2nd Fridays, continue to take advantage of best hotel prices at a weekend, and give priority to supporting those folk who live in and around Manchester.

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